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aap mob - trillmatic feat. aap nast amp method man

Текст песни (lyrics):
Yo yo-yo yo
90 s era Nasty yeah
Yo Ty Beats!
I need some time alone
Cold my rhymes will turn your mind to stone
That s the work of satan niggas be hating but I m a pot of gold
This ain t just me rapping it s real and something you got to know
Catch a mark nigga hating get him a casket that bastard s bout to go
Whoa Nasty baby I m crazy the 90 s raised me
I m just as smart probably smarter than half the cats who play me
Brassy driving miss daisy hit on my strap
In my zone mind on my money like where that shit at?
I m all alone that s my only hope
And be damned if I m ma chase that with some phony homes on the real
It be the ones that say We got this that you ain t alone
As long as I m here to pull out the Glock 9 and cocked it
He mad you got rich but on the low you should ve watched him
Cats conniving head first into the livest object
That was your man now you bout to die quick
Over some fly shit you feel reminded of your fast-life ventures
And winters blinded until the flashlight enters
I got a funky-funky style with a funky swag
I bought the funky-funky Nikes got the hat to match
I got a funky-funky style with a funky swag
And when I kill em with the flow ain t no coming back
I got a poor man s panache I be stretching the cash
I m a little passive aggressive you get a stretcher when I m mad
Borderline manic depressive rappers stressing me bad
Got too many less than impressive rappers left in my path
Better yet we gone leave em left in the past
Someone slides this time I ride you get left in the back
Who am I? I m a titan so be expecting a clash
Start to waving arms at you you d think I m catching a cab
No questions live the answers cause if you re looking to ask
Look at Meth breaking bad like he cooking meth in the lab
Still a lethal weapon but try and bless him with math
Rappers never learn their lesson so I ain t letting em pass
I ain t letting em brag I ain t letting em swag
Fuck swag just being blunt while I m plucking my ash
Y all ain t up in my class in the building
It s ASAP Meth quick to kill em that s an ASAP death
Straight out the back dog I m Shaq strong I m breaking backboards
Draped in Tommy my bitch beside me young god body
I play the back of clubs clicks are foul youngish are rowdy
Fools get rowdy ain t nothing dumb my guns from Saudi
High off the Maui don t trip your weed rolling the finest
You know the fronts Sucio Guapo I m head honcho
I sport the poncho connects with Sandro the illest y all know
Killing em pronto my funky fresh is filthy designer
But check my rhymes though my verse is like atomic bombs yo
Haters like side hoes I peel off in the illest Tahoe
Watch out for potholes leaning that s why he drive slow
Nast Diablo the 90 s era shit in effect
Clowns be watching best protect ya necks
Добавлено: 2014-02-23 18:11:48

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trillmatic feat. aap nast amp method man by aap mob
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Когда: 27-01-2014 22:59:28
(популярность песни, повторы: 3 раз)
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lyrics for songlyrics for trillmatic feat. aap nast amp method man aap mob

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