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bruce cockburn - if a tree falls

Текст песни (lyrics):
Rain forest
Mist and mystery
Teeming green
Green brain facing lobotomy
Climate control center for the world
Ancient cord of coexistence hacked by parasitic greed-head scam -
From Sarawak to Amazonas
Costra Rica to Mangy BC hills -
Cortge rhythm of falling timber
What kind of currency grows in these new deserts
These brand new food plains?
If a tree falls in the desert does anybody hear?
Does anybody hear the forest fall?
Cut and move on
Take out trees
Take out wildlife at a rate of a species every single day
Take out people whove lived like this for 100 000 years
Inject a billion burgers worth of beef -
Grain eaters - methane dispensers -
Through thinning ozone
Wave fall on wrinkled earth
Gravity light ancient refuse of stars
Speak of a drowning
But this this is something other
Bust monster eats dark holes in the spirit world
Where wild things have to go
To disappear
If a tree falls in the desert does anybody hear?
Does anybody hear the forest fall?
Добавлено: 2014-10-30 09:14:09

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if a tree falls by bruce cockburn
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lyrics for songlyrics for if a tree falls bruce cockburn

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