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da lench mob - lord have mercy

Текст песни (lyrics):
I dont know whats wrong with these children today.
Nothing that a good ass-kicking wouldnt help!
Lord have mercy the devil he cursed me
I heard you had the cup of life and Im thirsty
My niggas keep fighting for a street the white man own
So many died before they got full grown
Plus I got an ingrown toenail
I sit back in the window and watch all the hoes sell
A lot of ass for a blast
Plus my little sister is getting fast
Using mo niggas for financial aid
They picking her up from the 10th grade
In a Jeep they try to creep
Takin her ass to Lovers Leap
I admit Im a sinner
Did what I had to do just to get dinner
But I was told you was the first G
L.A. is a war zone Lord so could you have mercy
You know who the F... Jesus is..
I admit I dont call too often
I wonder why I dont live in a coffin
Cause I know a lot of my homeboys pray
But when it was time they still got sprayed
The grass is greener in my neighbors yard
Hes white so his house is barred up
By the windows and the doors
But my moms gotta clean his F.... floors
They wont let us in (thats right)
Even if we learn to act just like them
But if you dont learn you flunk
On a road to sleep forever on a jail bunk
But I aint no punk and I wont get punked
By the system so I gotta diss em
I was told you was the first G
Something aint right Lord so could you have mercy
You know who the F... Jesus is..
Im dead so bury me alive six feet
Under all this bullshit and jive
Cause I know when you made South Central
Shitty - it wasnt done intentional
Cause I looked back before the crack
Before the macks in Cadillacs
It was the same old thing
But nowadays niggas mo brainwashed
And I can tell every time I see
L.A. Compton to Long Beach gangs talk
I wish when my pops got the erection
He would a used protection
And I wouldnt be a squirrel trying to get a nut
And I want the nut just to get some butt
Its like the battle of the sexes
My head spins around like I needed a exorcist
But if you blew up the world today it wouldnt matter
Nope just send down a ladder
To the people who had it the worst G
Im asking you Lord please have mercy
Добавлено: 2016-10-13 03:37:05

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lord have mercy by da lench mob
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Когда: 16-12-2016 12:41:47
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(популярность песни, повторы: 4 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист

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lyrics for songlyrics for lord have mercy da lench mob

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