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ed sheeran - you need me i dont need you

Текст песни (lyrics):
Now Im in town break it down thinking of making a new sound
Playing a different show
every night in front of a new crowd
Thats new now ciao seems that life is great now
See me lose focus as I sing to you loud
And I cant no I won t hush
Ill say the words that make you blush
Im gonna sing this now
See Im true my songs are where my heart is
Im like glue I stick to other artists
Im not you now that would be disastrous
Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures
See Im real I do it all its all me
Im not fake dont ever call me lazy
I wont stay put give me the chance to be free
Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me
Cause you need me but I dont need you
You need me but I dont need you
You need me but I dont need you
At all
You need me
I sing and write my own tune and I write my own verse
Hell dont need another word-smith to make my tune sell
Call yourself a singer-writer youre just bluffing
Your names on the credits and you didnt write nothing
I sing fast I know that all my shits cool
I will blast and I didnt go to Brit School
I came fast with the way I act right
I cant last if Im smoking on a crack pipe
And I wont be a product of my genre
My mind will always be stronger than my songs are
Never believe the bullshit that fake guys feed to ya
Always read the stories that you hear on Wikipedia
And musically Im demonstrating
When I perform live feels like I am meditating
Times at the Enterprise when some fella filmed me
A young singer-writer like a Gabriella Cilmi
Cause you need me man I dont need you
You need me man I dont need you
You need me man I dont need you
At all
You need me
Cause with the lyrics Ill be aiming it right
I wont stop till my names in lights
At stadium heights with Damien Rice
On red carpets now Im on Arabian Nights
Because Im young and all my brothers gonna give me advice
Long nighters short height and I gone hyper
Never be anything but a singer-songwriter
The games over but now Im on a new level
Watch how I step on the track without a loop pedal
People think that Im bound to blow up
Ive done around about a thousand shows
But I havent got a house plus I live on the couch
So you can be the lyrics when Im singing them out
From day one Ive been prepared
With vo5 wax for my ginger hair
So now Im back to the sofa giving a dose of what the future holds
Cause its another day
Plus Ill keep my last name forever keep the genre pretty basic
Gonna be breaking into other peoples tunes when I chase it
And replace it with the elephant in the room with a face-lift
Into another rappers shoes using new laces
Selling CDs from my rucksack aiming for the papers
Selling CDs from my rucksack aiming for the majors
Nationwide tour with just jack still had to get the bus back
Clean cut kid without a razor for the mustache
I hit back when the pen hurts me
Im still a choir boy in a Fen-church tee
Im still the same as a year ago
But more people hear me though
According to the My Space and YouTube videos
Im always doing shows if Im not Im in the studio
Truly broke never growing up call me Ruffio
Melody music maker
Reading all the papers
They say Im up and coming like Im fucking in an elevator.
Cause you need me man I dont need you
You need me man I dont need you
You need me man I dont need you
At all
Добавлено: 2014-12-05 11:50:12

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you need me i dont need you by ed sheeran
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