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ice cube - down for whatever

Текст песни (lyrics):
Damn Im broke my feet hurt
(Inside the mind of a car jacker)
And that bitch is slippin
Damn it makes me wanna creep
Damn it makes me wanna creep
I got something for your mind your body and your soul
I got something for your mind your body and your soul
Damn Im such a G its pathetic
Here comes the big-headed nigga thats dippin
Sippin on Courvoisier
Goddamn I must have the floss today
Now pimpin aint easy but its necessary
So Im chasin bitches like Tom chased Jerry
Ill put the pedal to the flo uh
In my two-tone Ford explo uh you know how its done
Sounds bumpin aint that sumthin?
Jumped on the 110
Shes flyin in the blazer like Go Speed Racer
But I aint gonna chase her like racer X
But I wont flex til its time to have sex
So when you wanna get togetha?
Cause you know a nigga like me
Is down for whatever down and Im down for whatever down
When I was little I didnt wanna be like Mike I wanted to be like Ike
Cause papa was a Rolling Stone in the sixties
And he liked Green just like Bill Bixby
Told me that my best friend was a ten and a twenty pockets never skinny
Played Lets get it on in the living room
And when he got drunk youll better give him room
Cause hell turn the party out sayin
This is my muthafuckin house
And yall got to go through the door
And if you cant find the door
Hell help you with the four-four
Talkin much shit on the grass
And straight down to blast
Im still in my P.Js
Hes in a turtleneck sweater and we down for whatever
And Im down
Solid pro is down for whatever
The don Jaguar is down for whatever
And it dont seem to stop
Now I dont talk a lot of shit
But when its time to get busy with these hos lets go
Cause Id rather see a skinhead dead
Than my niggas wearin blue or red
Cause I got the gift
To hit them hos swift
And Im smellin like a fifth
Of sumthin yeah thats right
Im standin in the store Koreans act so nice
Cause I got potentials to blow up a winchells
Donut and you know what?
Im cool like dat like digable planets
But dont take a nigga for granted
Cause whether its a verdict or the L.A. four you just dont know
That this rappin-ass nigga will change with the weather
And be down for whatever
And Im down creep
And Im down for whatever bumpin in your jeep
Ice Cube devoid of pop
And I will never dance for you trick-ass niggas
It makes me wanna creep
Добавлено: 2014-02-25 12:03:22

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down for whatever by ice cube
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Когда: 11-07-2016 22:01:12
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Когда: 25-03-2016 11:07:33
(популярность песни, повторы: 6 раз)
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lyrics for songlyrics for down for whatever ice cube

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