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jack johnson - drink the water

Текст песни (lyrics):
Drink the water drink it down
This time I know Im bound to spit it back up
I didnt want this salty substitute
Just not going to do I need some air
If Im going to live through this experience
Reminds me of a clock that just wont tick
I want to wake up from this concussion
But my dream is just not done Im late again
Its just one of those bad days look outside and
Be careful what you ride you just might find
That youre out of time to swim ashore
If I drift long enough Ill be home
Hes got delusions between his ears
Man it takes up too much space
And all that tension between his gears man
Hell never ever leave this place
Hes got stones instead of bones and everybody knows
Ah man that can make you real real slow
And if Heaven was below hed know just where to go
Dive in the ocean and hed sink like a stone
And hed say Its time to swim ashore
If I drift long enough Ill be home
Hold on if you can youre gonna sink faster
Than you can imagine so hold
Now just hold on if you can youre gonna sink faster
Than you can imagine so hold
Its just time to swim ashore
If I drift long enough
Ill be home
Добавлено: 2014-07-18 19:52:18

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drink the water by jack johnson
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Когда: 17-07-2014 15:15:16
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lyrics for songlyrics for drink the water jack johnson

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