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peter gabriel - steam edit

Текст песни (lyrics):
Stand back!
Stand back!
What are those dogs doing sniffing at my feet
Theyre on to something picking up
Picking up this heat this heat
Give me steam
And how you feel to make it real
Real as anything youve seen
Get a life with this dreamers dream
You know your culture from your trash
You know your plastic from your cash
When I lose sight of the track
You know the way back
But I know you
You know your stripper from your paint
You know your sinner from your saint
Whenever heavens doors are shut
You kick them open but
I know you
Give me steam
And how you feel to make it real
Real as any place youve been
Get a life with the dreamers dream
Stand back!
Stand back!
Cant you see Ive lost control Im getting indiscreet
Youre moving in so close till Im picking up
Picking up this heat this heat
You know your green from your red
You know the quick from the dead
So much better than the rest
You think youve been blessed
But I know you
You know your ladder from your snake
You know the throttle from the brake
You know your straight line from a curve
Youve got a lot of nerve
But I know you
Everybody nosedive
Hold your breath count to five
Back-slap booby-trap
Cover it up in bubble wrap
Room shake earthquake
Find a way to stay awake
Its going to blow its going to break
This is more than I can take
Oh yeah I need steam
Feel the steam all around me
Ah youre turning up the heat
When I start to dream aloud
See you move your hands and feet
Wont you step into this cloud of steam
This steam
Help me yeah
Ready to steam out the log jam
Stir crazy from the freezer to the boil
Waters bubbling its bubbling
Like its coming to a boil
Give me steam lady
Give me steam around me now
Ah-h coming alive
Said give me some steam
Добавлено: 2013-10-26 17:46:09

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steam edit by peter gabriel
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Когда: 18-07-2015 23:36:44
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lyrics for songlyrics for steam edit peter gabriel

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