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rakim - its been a long time

Текст песни (lyrics):
Its been a long time
Rakim the microphone soloist
Follow procedures the crowd couldnt wait to see this
Nobody been this long awaited since Jesus
Who wouldnt believe this - I heard the word on the street is
Im still one of the deepest on the mic since Adidas
They said I changed the times from the rhymes that I thought of
So I made some more to put the New World in Order
With Mathematics put your status above the average
And help you rappers make paragraphs with graphics
Cause new days is dawning new ways of performing
Brainstorming I write and watch the night turn to morning
On and on and I got the whole world responding
Ra I keep it hot and blow the spot without warning
The Emperor well known for inventing a sentence
Full of adventure turning up the temperature
Rush with adrenaline how long has it been again
To be in the state of mind that Rakim is in?
When Im out propping - either hanging or shopping
People see me stop and ask me when the album dropping
The wait is over in formation like a soldier
Like I told ya greater stronger now that Im older
I broke the code of silence with overloads of talents
My only challenge is not to explode in violence
Im Asiatic and blazing microphones a habit
At least once during the course of a day its automatic
In ghetto apparel mind of a Egyptian Pharaoh
Far from shallow thoughts travel like an arrow
Allahs monotony so far they cant stop me
You know Ra want property like Muammar Qaddafi
More thoughts than Bibles recital - taught disciples
A sawed off mic so words scatter like a rifle
Thoughts thats trifle Im busting these for you
Ai-yo technical difficulties is through
When I flow tonight I show them new heights I go to write
They know I strike with new prototypes to blow the mic
Critics and biters dont know where my source of light is
Still leave authors and writers with arthritis
Cursed kids like the Pyramids when they found the style
First to ever let a rhyme flow down the Nile
The rebirth of hip-hopll be dropped now
Cause the crowd didnt hear the original in a while
So be alarmed what you bout to see is the bomb
Like 3-D in Nam vivid like CD-Rom
Info kept like
My note-books my bond like the Holy Quran
Since I came in the door said it before
But no I aint down with Eric B. no more
At night the open mic be inviting me to rhyme
So yo Im online its been a long time
Добавлено: 2016-03-29 00:16:16

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its been a long time by rakim
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Когда: 18-04-2016 16:56:22
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что играло сегодня, плейлист
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что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 21-02-2017 00:49:46
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lyrics for songlyrics for its been a long time rakim

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