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steely dan - parkers band

Текст песни (lyrics):
Savoy sides presents a new saxophone sensation
Its Parkers band with a smooth style of syncopation
Kansas city born and growing you wont believe what the boys are blowing
You got to come on man and take a piece of Mister Parkers band
Youll be riding by bareback on your armadillo
Youll be grooving high or relaxing at Camarillo
Suddenly the music hits you its a bird in flight that just cant quit you
You got to come on man and take a piece of Mister Parkers band
We will spend a dizzy weekend smacked into a trance
Me and you will listen to a little bit of what made the preacher dance
Bring your horn along and you can add to the pure confection
And if you cant fly youll have to move in with the rhythm section
Either way youre bound to function 52nd Streets the junction
You got to come on man and take a piece of Mister Parkers
Clap your hands and take a piece of Mister Parkers
Come on man and take a piece of Mister Parkers band
Добавлено: 2014-07-18 04:51:55

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parkers band by steely dan
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Когда: 15-07-2014 22:39:00
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lyrics for songlyrics for parkers band steely dan

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